DIY Dye Projects You Can Do

Who says dyeing projects are not cool? Nuh-uh, they totally are. Dye projects will assure that nobody else will have the same pattern or design as yours. You can dye just about anything made of fabric and even those that are not. The possibilities are endless.

Most people think that dye projects are only limited to items of clothing. But that is a wrong conception. Dye projects can also be applied with kitchen essentials, home decorations, and even stationeries. Here are some cool DIY dye projects you can do to revamp and customize an existing item.

1. Rainbow Shorts

You’ll need white shorts for this project or lighter colored ones so the colors will pop out. You can repurpose your old shorts or cut off your old jeans, or if you don’t mind, you can also get new ones as well. And you don’t need to have all the colors of the rainbow to dye the shorts. 4-5 colors will do.

2. Shirts Dyed with Sharpies

As the name suggests, you’ll only need a couple of Sharpies and a white tee. You can choose your preferred design but you can also just dye it however way you want. This can be a great project for kids, especially during summer.

3.Colorful Hair for Summer

Of course. Let’s not forget our hair. Hair dyes come in permanent colors, semi-permanent, or henna ones. If you don’t want to color your hair, there are hair clip-ons and extension you can buy and dye instead of your own. Look even better during the summer with colored hair.

4. Dyed Beddings

You can choose to dye only the pillows or the sheets or dye all of them. Your bed will have a great new look and the whole room will look even better as well.

5. Ombre Napkins

Dye projects don’t stop in your bedroom. They can be adapted to the kitchen as well. If you are tired of your ordinary table napkins, dye them! You can easily dip them to a dye, or have two colors in an ombre design, with one transitioning to the other one. You can choose from a liquid dye or a powder one. Just be sure to follow the package instructions. And don’t forget the salt.

6. Colored Placemats

Same as the napkins, placemats can have the same treatment. You can dip-dye them to just one color or two. Choose the best ones that will complement your whole table setting.

7. Colored Ceramic Spoon Handle

Yup, not just on fabric but ceramic as well. Ceramic spoons can have a new look by having the handles dip-dyed. And not just handles, you can do the same thing to cups too.

8. Dyed Greeting Card

Customize your stationery and greeting cards by using dyes, watercolors, or even food coloring to make it more personalized and specially-made. The recipient will surely appreciate the technique.

Dyes are an inexpensive way to upgrade the aesthetic appeal of just about anything. There are places to find roving wool and dyes and the internet is one of them.

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